happy-birthday-sex-and-the-city-tumblr-writers-inspo-my-so-called-kitschy-life-blog-in-los-angeles-bloggers-la-influential-blogs-millennial-bloggers-california-kb-heardI have to admit I did not begin to watch Sex and The City religiously until I was twenty-seven. Since leaving the nest, I made it almost a decade without cable. Some years it was because I had a shitty job, or no job at all. Other years I was never home. When my best friend would watch SATC, I thought it was silly. I couldn’t see how she could relate to middle-aged women in New York City. At that time I had given up a lot of things, including my dreams of becoming a “globetrotting journalist”. I left Los Angeles and settled in a brand new city. So, naturally I started a blog. Lol* eye-roll* Several blogs, relationships, experiences later, and I found myself relating to every single one of the women on that show. Specially, Carrie and Miranda. Becoming an adult has been a really crazy, and awesome experience. Being a Virgo-woman in the 21st Century has been even crazier. There are infinite things still left to learn from life and I cannot grasp that thought. Like, how? But ok. I am ready. I’ve watched every single episode of SATC, and it seems much like fashion, life comes at you in cycles.




It must be awkward having the world watch as you decide what dick is the best dick for you. Digital archives of your lovers for the world to see. Let this be a slight glimpse of a horrific nightmare, where this happens to you. Imagine decades from now, everyone seeing your love story through a screen. Your little black book, at the palms of their hands. I spent a lot of time on wikipedia today.



Has anyone ever eaten a ton of brownies and woke up with a tattoo? Because I don’t remember where these tattoos came from?




It’s Claire Dane’s Birthday today. Since her immortal character of Angela Chase has inspired a major part of my life, I had to share these gorgeous shots of her from The Edit Magazine.